from my blog: "Why I'm running a personal URL shortening service"

also I *finally* adjusted my blog layout so that I can wrap text at ~640px so that it is actually readable!

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@s_ol just in case you missed: when user blocks cloudflare, content on your website appears, and then disappears.

ah, yeah i still need to figure that out; if it cannot render it shouldn't (attempt) to replace the pre-rendered version.
I'm guessing it's telling you "couldn't convert from ..."? If that's not what happens, a screenshot would be helpful.

I was about to say the following, but that actually only works in my rev2 page which isn't live on yet:
You can remove the "+interactive" from any URL to view the static version which should work without JS.

I guess I will just serve all dependencies locally. I think it bit me before myself working offline, and the only reason I did it forin the first place was to hopefully take advantage of already-cached data.

@s_ol here is what I get.

[no conversion path to mmm/dom]

Also, before content disappears, I see message "please stand by... interactivity loading

@alexcleac ok, that's mostly expected - it is rerendering the content on the client, because some pages lack some widgets (embedded svgs, tweets) when server-side rendered. Because it cant load markdownjs, it misses that conversion and so cant render the content, but it really should leave the SSR content in place in that case.

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