Today I am releasing the first version of my livecoding system, alive!
This is a release-candidate, since it has only run on two different PCs so far, and I need more data to trust that it works at all. There is now a Windows build that should make running it there a breeze.
Let me know if you tried it and whether it did or didn't run! ;)

Info, installation instructions, and tutorial in the docs:


regarding the license thing:

MIT license if you don't care, GPLv3 if you do care and you don't want people taking your code and building proprietary shit on top of it without making it open source. AGPLv3 if you also want to prevent use over a network aka software-as-a-service scenarios.

huh, never heard about the last issue - GPLv3 wont stop people from selling access to my software running on their server?

Most stuff I have is MIT, which is the 'standard' set by Lua, and most libs follow it. For this project I feel like I want to retain a bit more control for now, so I'm thinking I'll go with GPL

@s_ol yes, as i understand it, regular gplv3 won't protect you against someone running your code as a web service while not releasing their modifications. they may technically not distributing the software, but access to the software. that's a loophole the AGPL is designed to close.

ok, I went with GPLv3 in the end - looking around its just what I see similar projects using, and while I appreciate the idea of AGPL I'm going to swim with the mainstream this time :P

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