Today I unmolded the hex Kailh Choc keycap I made a mold for last week - first time I cast resin!

The result came out unexpectedly beautiful:

Still need to clean up some of the vent-tube remainings on the bottom. But the surface finish on the top is amazing!

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amazing work! i really like the shape and the bubbles are so pretty

@s_ol an hex keyboard in the making ?Wicki-Hayden note layout ?

experimenting with it, but as a coding kb not musical (for now). I didn't know about Wicki-Hayden, how is it different from Janko?

@s_ol I don't know ! 😅
I stumbled upon it while reading things about alternative musical keyboards. The image I saw used a layout with hex keys

yeah, janko is also like that ;) Here the difference is shown:

BUt its not clear to me what is "better" in what sense, its just that with Janko I can see the logic behind the ordering and with Wicki/Hayden I don't really see why the even/odd rows are arranged like they are

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