ahhhh today was intensely frustrating

set out to mill one PCB. Spent five hours on that then gave up because the damn pcb stock was just too distorted and nonplanar.

Found and fixed a very tricky problem on my oled display board using the hardest SMD rework I have done to date. Was very happy, proud and excited to see the panel in the case, so I made a small adjustment to the display location on the board and somehow managed to break my (only) display in the process.

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I know in the bigger scheme of things I'm doing great, but these smaller setbacks are SO HARD to suck up man.

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haven't been making keys for two weeks because opening the mold and seeing some with no feet bc air bubbles or finding another crack in the mold. just. sucks.

At the same time I feel like I'm so close it's not worth to make a new mold, try a different way of compressing it or another solution to the air bubble problem

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should've maybe CWd this with "venting", sorry

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