WHAT? This is stupid. Our eyes have a bug, and it's such a silly thing!

But we're stuck with it (until we're scientifically capable AND culturally ok with genetically engineering ourselves)

@s_ol there's a cool trick you can do to see the blind spot

in italian->

@s_ol PS: the book is

Riccardo Falcinelli - Guardare, Pensare, Progettare

nice demonstration :)

I knew about the blind spot and why we have it, but I didn't know that there's other animals who figured it out. Now I feel bio-envy!

@npisanti @s_ol To be nitpicky, altering observable behavior of the system is a bugfix, but it's rather a grey area what behavior we'd consider part of the API contract, as we have no spec or docs. 😀

That said, there's a lot of nonsense that would benefit from a refactoring too!

@s_ol @xj9 can we also please fix the issue, that we eat, drink and breath through the same hole? Imagine all the lives saved, if it would be impossible to choke on food and drinks.

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