Anyone know how to read this graph? It looks to me as if there is a scale missing for the left half?

From this datasheet:

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@s_ol looks like a sweep of the 180 degrees in front of something. It’s basically an X Y graph, with one being the angle (-90 to 90) and the other being some sort of magnitude of radiation.

The left side of that graph bends around like the right side, too. It’s just been straightened out for some reason.

@s_ol i velieve when they graph it out like this, it means its symmetrical, so they show it in both polar and cartesian form. the y axis if the left half is the same as the r axis of the right half (labelled under the graph on the right half), and the x axis of the left half is the same as the theta axis of the right half. hopefully that makes sense?

@jaxter184 @chotrin @tbd

thanks all three of you, it makes perfect sense now :)

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