thank you automated comparison page, that sure is a great reason to use zsh over other shells 🙄

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I've been using and liking fish for about 3 years now, but I noticed some downsides (not POSIX compliant so some things you wanna source or copy-paste at times don't work), so I'm wondering: what would you recommend?

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@s_ol bash + fzf

bash because it's the default everywhere and i don't have to worry about muscle memory tripping me up on some server

fzf for most of the convenience. really fast at history and navigation, has file content previews, can be set up to do a bunch of cool shit with git too, haven't looked into it too much tbh

slightly envious of those cool interactive autocomplete displays of fish and zsh though, no idea if there is a non-brainwormed way to do this with bash

@s_ol found this neat function for quick arch package nav. previews package info in a panel:

# search packages, select with tab, return to install selected
fpac() {
pacman -Slq | fzf --multi --preview 'pacman -Si {1}' | xargs -ro sudo pacman -S

@s_ol zsh with grml-config is pretty nice. i just started using fish on pmOS though.

@s_ol I use fish on servers that I won't be setting up with my dotfiles (the defaults are much nicer than zsh), but use zsh as my main shell.

Basically all the fish features I care about can be done in zsh anyways (syntax highlighting, showing the expansion of the tab complete in grey all the time without actually needing to press tab), and zsh is much more configurable, at the cost of needing it to be good.

@s_ol I used fish for a while, then I stopped giving a damn about anything, and went back to bash.

@s_ol i've been using fish for 5 years, i love it! also, the dev and community is very responsive.
for bash, you can either just type bash to drop into the bash shell and then try your command again. no harm shall come to you!

@s_ol i personally use zsh + powerline after migrating from fish about a year ago. i liked fish, but yeah. in the future I'm interested in using/trying oil shell

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