@s_ol So, this isn't yet implemented into a single tool yet, right? Just ideas so far?

Not the author; I think they may have prototyped some or all of it but are probably far away from a tool ready for users. Muse, which is mentioned in the Inspiration, recently crossed that point and does or aspires to all the same things though as far as I can tell.

@s_ol i feel like that webpage was actively designed to make me grumpy

you don't like what it proposes, how it presents that, or where we currently are?

@s_ol sorry, i meant the actual design of the webpage itself. It took me five seconds of staring at it blankly to realize it wasn't still loading and i needed to scroll down, only to find a full-page video displaying a preview shot of dense text sans context, and then scroll farther down to discover that this was somehow a page about how they want to improve on the way the web conveys information, i... think.

@s_ol (basically i lack sufficient knowledge of the visual language and jargon to make sense of this quickly)

@s_ol these are really similar conclusions to the UX research I've done! However, I didn't come up with the card metaphor, and it looks pretty interesting as an unit between a block and a document that incentivizes mixing and cross-referencing :blobcatthinkOwO:
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