I've been working with cadquery a lot for the hexpad, and although I'm not a fan of the API design, it sure beats redoing all projections every time you change something in Fusion 360.

Yesterday I implemented a little trick I learned about fillets and chamfers:

When you fillet convex and concave edges (pic A) and then chamfer the resulting loop, you get an irregular fillet pattern (pic B) because convex fillets "shrink" whereas concave fillets "grow" when chamfered.


This results in an uneven look. To create a more balanced shape, the concave corners have to be filleted at a reduced radius, so that the chamfer brings them up to match the convex corners, while the convex corners will be shrunk to match the reduced radius of the concave corner (pic C).

Here's the cadquery plugin that fillets with this in mind:

use like this:

model.edges('|Z').fillterChamferComp(5, 1).edges('').chamfer(1)

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