Today i rm -rf'ed the wrong directory, and today I learned to use ext4magic to try and recover files. Also today I learned that sometimes you just wipe out the Database in .local/share/DaVinciResolve and that's how it is.

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I had it backed up to DaVinciResolve.bak while I tried a new config to fix it, once I did I went there and thought to myself "okay don't screw this up now" while autocompleting to "rm -rf DaVinciResolve.bak" and hit enter with that thought still in mind. oof.

@s_ol This is why I spent hours yesterday trying to package Snapper. It's way too easy to accidentally delete important stuff, so snapshots will be a great help.

@s_ol 😮 fuuuuuuuuu.
happens :/ wiped an entire drive a couple years ago.
iirc EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard did the magic

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