Anyone interested in an NSynth Super?

I might be building one for a family member, and it would make sense to buy components for couple more to get up to MOQ on the PCB etc. EU shipping only.

I could probably provide them fully-assembled but also as some kinds of kits if anyone wants that. Let me know in DM or reply, RTs appreciated too! :)

@s_ol This looks interesting indeed, but I’m not sure I’d have the budget (I guess it would cost at least the price of a regular mech with all components, probably even more, right?)

what do you mean by mech? Yeah it would be mostly at component price. The component and PCBs shouldn't cost very much, the real cost is in all the off-the-shelf things: Raspi 3B ($40+), LCD Display module ($25 iirc), 64GB SD card ($15). The rest probably brings the price up to ~$100, then add some shipping and material for case and knobs and we're at around $150-175 for the whole thing I would estimate right now.

@s_ol Yeah, that’s about what I had in mind. I meant the average price of a mechanical keyboard kit from my experience, but it can certainly vary a lot depending on the kit. I tend to compare any electronic device kit to keyboards, haha. I would have been interested in a few months maybe, but for now I’m out of budget. Not to mention I’d like to limit my shiny new toys addiction, but that’s another problem :)

yeah I totally understand that. I don't know how quickly anything will happen here, I do have a lot of other stuff to do too, so if your situation does change feel free to check back also.

Also this is totally a "shiny gadget" and you can always just run the software too ;)

@s_ol Oh yes, it didn't occur to me that I could check the software alone, I should do that to see if it actually fits my needs, thanks :)

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