You know what would be neat? An server that can host multiple (small) instances.

Like if I want to have my own instance, and a bunch of my friends or some small groups that I am adjacent to but not necessarily a part of, the maintenance overhead of running e.g. a masto instance doesn't make that feasible to happen for each of those cases.

But if I could run one server, and then host people in their own space on common resources (storage, email api, image pipelines…) that'd work!

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@s_ol I would kinda like a shared bring-your-own-domain masto instance: you'd keep more control over your identity, but still be able to pool resources.

It would lose some community aspect of instances, though, which is unfortunate.

@raboof @s_ol

that could proliferate hosters that hold a lot of domains and potencially making a big tech company be a hoster of this services.

You will practically do the job for any big tech to become bigger and infect the Fediverse. That (not exactly that way) happened to e-mail, 70% of people use 3 e-mail providers on that kind of model

It's not worth at all

> It would lose some community aspect of instances, though, which is unfortunate.

a server like that could implement special user collections that can be adressed like the activitypub "public" collection to have a server-local timeline in addition to the instance-local timeline.

I think the biggest pain-point (as usual?) is the UI?

@s_ol absolutely agree. I plan to do something like this over the next year or so.

@s_ol one of my projects has this as a goal. The different instances work as simple ActivityPub clients in the client to server architecture that the protocol supports. However all of this is not close to be ready, and, unfortunately, it's not super compatible with the extra features that Mastodon uses.

The specific goal of #fedbox (a generic activitypub service) is to serve as a backend for different types of applications that speak AP, targeting small to medium communities.

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