hnnng half-baked ideas are asking for attention with no reasonable goal in sight


can't even really articulate all the levels on which it is bad, but I really DON'T need to reinvent computer memory, architecture, programming and user experience at the same time because "this vague direction feels cool, idk", brain

@s_ol reinventing all those things is fun actually! would encourage you to try it if you think you have the resources/energy & can do it in a healthy way

hm, I guess I struggle with the "in a healthy way" part mostly?

I generally end up with a rough tool and no purpose to use (and evaluate/hone) it for, or I abort before that stage because I realize (too late) that I skipped the part of thinking of what I actually want to accomplish...

@s_ol oh i mean that's fine, just a process of learning to focus on salience (which isn't something i'm good at)
just, with my particular alternative computing project it's sort of gradually subsumed all other aspects of my life and personhood which isn't great

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