how do you do graphics in Mu?
I'm looking at and and it's mostly alphabet soup at this point.

I'm not even sure if "int 0x10h" works via RISC-V? I mean there is interrupts, but...?

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@s_ol Yeah, my goal is to start with vanilla x86 Qemu and configure it as little as possible. See

All I do is set a fairly unambitious video mode (line 188) and determine the beginning of video RAM (line 197)

Video mode info containing Video-memory-addr:

From there on out I'm just writing to RAM to draw pixels:

I draw text using a bitmap font:

The font:


"Port 0x3C2

This is the miscellaneous output register. It uses port 0x3C2 for writing, and 0x3CC for reading. Bit 0 of this register controls the location of several other registers: if cleared, port 0x3D4 is mapped to 0x3B4, and port 0x3DA is mapped to 0x3BA."

WTF is this!

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