Mouse recommendations for RSI?

Looking at vertical mice because i hear that's where it's at.

I'd love something with a couple extra buttons, especially a third main mouse button? Coming from a G600 I'd like to keep that bit of flexibility... but I couldn't really find anything good.

There's a lot of insanely cheap RGB gaming crap that looks like it will fall apart by the time it will have arrived though!

@s_ol I've been using this one for maybe one year, and I'm quite happy with it, it's cheaper than most super ergonomic whatever mouses of similar shape and quite sturdy (I can't say I use it for "gaming" though, I play mostly slow-paced games when I do)

@s_ol pretty happy with my anker vertical mouse. it's a bit beat up after years of heavy use but still doing its job

@praxeology @s_ol Another recommendation for trackballs! Logitech do some good thumb ones, Elecom's seem pretty good and if you want to go high-end finger ball there's the Ploopy.

I started getting RSI with a normal mouse and switched to a Microsoft Trackball Explorer. No issues since! The Ploopy Classic is the same shape as the MTE so it was a natural step up for me.

@gbrnt @praxeology @s_ol Thirding this. The Elecom Huge was pretty solid, then I moved to a Ploopy Classic which.... I'm torn on. The higher arching shape is very comfy, but I'm not a fan of the ball itself or the thumb buttons (my primary click is way too stiff, my secondary click is way too twitchy)

It's open source hardware tho so these problems are all fixable (and most notably, the ball's rollers have been replaced by folks who documented the process, eg

@klardotsh it's nice to see people reading my blog! I have found that after about a year I needed to clean the new bearings and re-lube them, but it actually seems kind of cool to be doing maintenance on a pointing device!

@s_ol Another vote for tablets & pens. I haven't been able to use a mouse at all for about a year and a half but I can use a tablet & pen.

There's additional relief with a touch screen as you can use that to replace a lot of mouse interactions.

Handwriting and voice recognition add extra input methods. And if you find you need multiple hands free methods there's also head and eye tracking cursor control options.

Also, try fascia release in the upper back around the shoulder blades. It helps.

@s_ol I switch between a tablet and a gaming mouse, and have staved off serious RSI for years by switching between these periodically

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