Switching drives right now; since I'm merging an install with separate / and /home, I have to actually copy filewise and...

The amount of time spent copying node_modules and useless caches in .cache and .npm is incredible. Git is also something of and offender but at least packs its huge amount of files at some threshold. Meanwhile node dependencies are just tons and tons of splintery redundant garbage :(

I did that for root, but I lm merging the partitions. I think I probably should've started with /home that way now though, /home definitely has most of these issues...

@s_ol I switched to pnpm because it makes the experience of npm a little more tolerable on Windows. Reducing the fractal mess of deps is an incidental benefit.

(long story short, it much more aggressively keeps a single copy of versions of packages, and links them into place for distinct projects)

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