Really surprised I can't find software that provided this right now:

I want to play a (Windows) game on the TV and want to use some customizable "Gamepad"/"Remote Control"/"Custom Panel" software to set up a simple interface on an iPad to control the computer.

I want to be able to add a keyboard buttons and a joystick and/or trackpad.

Somehow there doesn't seem to be any app/solution that does this. They are either not customizable or don't have all widgets or outdated and nonfunctional...


It looks like most native iPad apps trying to provide this failed. Maybe there's just too little need for this, especially for iPad-havers?

But it seems reasonable to build this as something you install on the computer, where it hosts a little webpage with websocket control or similar. This seems so straightforward I wonder if I'm just not finding the right search term?

@s_ol Have you tried fiddling with Steam (and Steam Link)?

You could connect the TV to the PC, "stream" to the iPad and disable audio//video, so you end up only having remote controls on the iPad.

If you can't connect the PC to the TV, you could stream to both TV and iPad, and keep audio/video on the TV, and controls on the iPad.

In general, my experience with Steam streaming has been very good!

yeah, actually the SteamLink app is what I'm gonna use for now.

I didn't realize there's a way to disable video also? Going to look into that

@s_ol Yeah, you can go to settings -> Streaming and then toggle video from "fast" to "disabled"; same for audio!

@raelzero Thanks! This looks like it's going to work pretty great for my use case :)

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