It's finally time! the 0xC.pad is available *now* from me (assembled) & four other vendors (as a DIY kit)!✨


It's a 12-key macropad with hexagonal keycaps that I designed as well. It runs on an integrated ATMega32U2 microcontroller and QMK out of the box.

This is the very first time I'm selling something I built with my own hands, so I'm super excited (and a bit nervous)! I'd really appreciate a retoot for this one ❤️

The keycaps are also available separately. You can find vendor links and documentation about how to design a PCB for them here:

@s_ol So excited to see that these are finally available! my only complaint is that I wished they were rotated 90 degrees, but fortunately the switches are square, so i can just rotate those instead

@s_ol I'm so glad to see this actually hit production! I've grabbed one of the kits and I can't wait to put it together. 😄

@s_ol I love the design! Really cool to see something really new.
What uses do you have in mind for it?
I wonder if it fits well with finger movement.

I think with the RGB backlighting ideally it can be integrated with tools to give feedback about the state of things, I'm thinking about stuff like mic/camera mute for video calling, or scene switching for livestreams.

But at the end of the day it's very generic, so wherever there's some really common hotkeys, especially if they're system-wide, a macropad can be useful.

I think the size is a pretty nice sweet-spot where you can comfrtably reach all buttons with one hand

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