Other keyboard crimes that have been committed while playing with this pegboard yesterday:

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This was never really supposed to happen, but with the aluminum plate the eyelet can actually easily support the whole board's weight!

Excerpts from "Constructables" (a system for interactively designing and fabricating on a lasercutter by indicating each step using a variety of "proxy laserpointers" directly on the workpiece)

Video: youtu.be/8g3LaF9oVFY

I'm falling deep into a CNC machining workflow / CNC control panels & software innovation rabbithole right now.

I've been curious about what these fancy looking state-of-the-art industry CNC control panels work like, but the more I of their marketing videos I see the worse the whole thing looks. It's all 12fps laggy touchscreens, weird hybrid tabular/text-mode UIs that were designed in the Windows 2000 era at best etc

I had been putting this off for a while but it was finally time to package this chonky, 50kg 3d printer for it's journey home for repair and maintenance. Hope this packaging holds up!

My partner gave me a hand yesterday batch-assembling and packaging the first macropads. At this kind of scale it's pretty enjoyable with something to listen to / watch in the background :)

UI concepts lost in translation: the point of a "spinner" animation used to be that you can tell that something is happening.

When the spinner is just a gif on a website, "loading intensively in the background" or "hard crash in JS code" both look the same 😐

another pic from immediately after when I figured out batch processing

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Ursula K. Le Guin audiobooks and filing away PCB mousebites

The keycaps are also available separately. You can find vendor links and documentation about how to design a PCB for them here:


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It's finally time! the 0xC.pad is available *now* from me (assembled) & four other vendors (as a DIY kit)!✨

➡️ s-ol.nu/0xC.pad/buy

It's a 12-key macropad with hexagonal keycaps that I designed as well. It runs on an integrated ATMega32U2 microcontroller and QMK out of the box.

This is the very first time I'm selling something I built with my own hands, so I'm super excited (and a bit nervous)! I'd really appreciate a retoot for this one ❤️

Here's the packaging idea that I mentioned a couple days ago - it's working pretty well!

There's one layer not shown here that goes over the top of everything at the end. The middle and top layer both have little spacers glued to it that are made from the cutouts that the other layers have to save material.

I've tried shaking this package as much as I dared and I can't feel the macropad moving at all!

The big package arrived today. This one basically is the end result of the last 2.5 years of work:

A bunch of 0xC.pad kits and an even greater bunch of hex keycaps! These particular 50 kits I'll assemble myself and sell, whereas the other ~350 units will be sold as DIY kits by various vendors that fkcaps organized, both in the EU and US.

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Got some recycled packaging since I'm going to be *selling hardware i made* for the first time very very soon!!!

bit disappointed to receive the recycled cardboard delivered in plasticwrap tho tbh 😑

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