yeahhhhh i'm not sure whether this 2d adaption of my pineapple shader works for me, but I'd really like to make some sort of squarey pineapply vinyl sticker

finally managed to record a full session:

+ pilot + MIDI controller demo from scratch to... something! 👀

Close-ups of the laser engraving on the bottom of the pieces (they are symmetric so I could put them on upside down as well). Tiny little crosses!

This pattern is built into Rhino which is on the CAM machine at the lab, if I did it myself maybe I would've made the "arms" a little longer / the spacing a bit tighter

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messed with the clips too much between the Plywood prototype and the Acryl cut, but here's how it's supposed to work in principle:

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impossible to see that from the 1:1 view, but there's a little flexure on top that (hopefully) makes the clip snap in place

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Designing a prop guard for transporting my quad. This one is for 2-blade propellers (line-shaped) - the holes slip onto the nuts that keep the propellers in place, and the C-shaped fasteners clamp everything together.

Going to do my first laser-cutting tomorrow :)

seriously considering to switch from bracketed numbers to random unicode symbols to keep size down and consistent...

problem number one: some of these characters are rendered double-wide...

made git-goodbye into a post-update hook, so it now accurately mirrors my public repos whilst also keeping the 'goodbye' message up-to-date on github:

implemented first-class Scopes, the first Macros (def, use, require - these run at parse time to make sure references are available when they are resolved)

comments now extend past matching parentheses, that really got on my nerves recording the demo 😅

base of the frame, mounting the motors, re-shrinkwrapping ESCs and soldering them to the motors

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