I have no idea why I didn't try this in over a year (!!!) of working on alv, but after playing with glisp (glisp.app, it's excellent! try it out!), I added some basic graphics to alv (wrapping love2d)... and it's great!

"free energy" 

They conclude that their design improves on the original free energy generator design, while simultaneously debunking the concept, but without acknowledging that.

They also propose that fans are a great use of this technology!

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"free energy" 

The paper also says that the "Bedini simplified school girl (SSG) is the most basic rendition of a patented circuit developed by John Bedini and researched by Dr. Peter A. Lindemann, based on the technology of Nikola Tesla".

They never mention in the text that this is clearly not a working free energy generator, but they have this diagram in there that very clearly shows that it is not generating any energy:

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The interpreter and garbage collector are also written in Lisp and compiled into a number of small lookup tables that are also compiled directly into "artwork" (semiconductor masks)

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The hardware was designed in Lisp with a custom "graphics library" that defines logical components as functions that output simple geometric definitions of the silicon.

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The SCHEME-79 Chip

A Scheme/Lisp computer with structured memory and hardware garbage-collection... implemented in Lisp.

Started implementing the XR_MSFT_controller_model OpenXR extension in Monado, because I don't want to have to have a suite of controller models as part of a little VR experiment package.

Realized that I was never going to use all the symmetrically-redundant modifier keys on the layout anyway and that it's probably better to put each once and think harder about where it should go, so that's what I did.

Shift is now right thumb only for balance, CTRL and CTRL-SHIFT are right as well, and tab moved to the right so I can comfortably switch tabs. Also made sure there's comfortable chords for meta-num-X and meta-shift-num-X for workspace switching.

here's the first prototype plates, my first attempt at machining metal, and then the professionally manufactured result:

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This square key representation used above makes it a bit hard to see, but the main part of the layout is made up of staggered columns for touch typing. Except for thumbs, fingers only ever touch keys adjacent to their home key, and except for the index fingers, only inside the same column.

Grey symbols in the bottom left/right are on the NUMSYM/FUNSYM layers respectively, which are activated momentarily by holding space/return.

Bottom-center legends are other such tap/hold bindings. The thumb areas (teal color) also heavily use chording to make more modifiers available (shown underneath/between keys)

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Finally figured out a keyboard layout for 0x2C.board! Now I type slower than I can remember ever typing...

Today I managed to draw a first proper triangle, and I also managed to draw two triangles with a single drawcall using a geometry shader!

Will I be able to get the OpenXR eye transforms in before the end of the day:?

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