One of the two core changes done, the other should have minimal impact and changes anyway, and I'll put it off for a bit. Now its time to rewrite MIDI support - the big change was in order to make a midi-out operator possible in a really clean way, so lets add that :)

Found another two architectural decisions to fix so far, let's see how deep these rabbit holes go...

I set up two mailing lists for the livecoding language:

one for announcements (like a newsletter) and one for questions, discussion, patches etc.

Please feel free to subscribe and share :)

Update on the editor support: showing off the various widgets that are supported now:

- event / "bang"s
- booleans
- lil' bar graph for numbers
- colors
- highlighting active subexpression in switches, sequences etc

More detailwork on feedback: the terminal copilot now prints eval-time messages (like errors, warnings, traces) in a separate color and to STDERR. That way they can be split up so error messages don't scroll away if the program prints a lot of stuff.

The GUI shows the two streams separately and was reimplemented in FLTK, which I actually managed to build on windows!

little side experiment: structural editing for with a hardware controller.

two minute introduction to the livecoding project:

This is the first in a series of 2min videos documenting the project and development, as part of the -minute-week format.


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