I have no idea why I didn't try this in over a year (!!!) of working on alv, but after playing with glisp (glisp.app, it's excellent! try it out!), I added some basic graphics to alv (wrapping love2d)... and it's great!

Started implementing the XR_MSFT_controller_model OpenXR extension in Monado, because I don't want to have to have a suite of controller models as part of a little VR experiment package.

Finally figured out a keyboard layout for 0x2C.board! Now I type slower than I can remember ever typing...

Today I managed to draw a first proper triangle, and I also managed to draw two triangles with a single drawcall using a geometry shader!

Will I be able to get the OpenXR eye transforms in before the end of the day:?

Nice, spent a couple hours to build proper typed zig bindings for OpenXR (VR library) based on the vulkan-zig bindings:


(original: github.com/Snektron/vulkan-zig)

Really impressed that this worked out, props to Khronos for releasing their APIs as machine readable XMLs (even if there are some holes in them)!

Starting to work on the node selection panel. The drawer UI is beyond terrible right now, but it works.

Also added permalink (on date) and user link (on avatar). The collapse-toggle had to move into its own little button to free up the header click event.

a lil' bit of shadows to make link-crossings more readable.

Now the re-layouting is also implemented.

No transitions yet, because width: auto :(

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implemented the basic logic for collapsing nodes. Any node whose parents are all either explicitly or implicitly collapsed becomes implicitly collapsed.

This allows quickly pruning large subgraphs if they separate entirely from the "thread" you are currently following.

Now using graphviz / custom minified viz.js build for a much better layout.

Headers are collapsed if a note has only one parent, which is by the same user and posted at (almost) the same time.

Longer posts are automatically split on paragraphs, so this is a common occurence.

Ok, that's enough for today. Styling needs some work, obviously, but I'm pretty happy with how this is going so far :)

Here we go! This is rendering ActivityStreams JSON-LD data, should work essentially as-is with live data from Mastodon! User colors are hashed from usernames, but could be overwritten by fields per-user.

cc @ColinTheMathmo

finished the one-minute summary/demo video for the dual-purpose music/typing keyboard :)


Did a little "photoshoot" today to with all the loose lightbulbs in the house to put together the summary video tomorrow :)

Pretty much exactly a year ago I started my course at the FabAcademy. Today I mounted the last keys, and next week I am presenting my final project!

The keyboard looks amazing, now all that's left is actually use it ;)

result kinds + pure operators may be interesting to those interestd in dataflow or versed in Pd, Max etc.

I'm sure that much of it could be described better with some more perspective, so please do let me know if you read it and something isn't quite understandable.

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