ah, so with your syntax "mu a..b..c" is equivalent to "c(b(a))" (but it supports multiple arguments as well)?

> It would lose some community aspect of instances, though, which is unfortunate.

a server like that could implement special user collections that can be adressed like the activitypub "public" collection to have a server-local timeline in addition to the instance-local timeline.

I think the biggest pain-point (as usual?) is the UI?

@nff hm, what does that mu function look like?

You know what would be neat? An server that can host multiple (small) instances.

Like if I want to have my own instance, and a bunch of my friends or some small groups that I am adjacent to but not necessarily a part of, the maintenance overhead of running e.g. a masto instance doesn't make that feasible to happen for each of those cases.

But if I could run one server, and then host people in their own space on common resources (storage, email api, image pipelines…) that'd work!

and without Syntax highlighting, the [x] tags do get in the way visually if you're not used to ignore them.

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haha happy you caught that, I wrote it out as "import love time math" first but then I felt this change was in order

actually, maybe I want a reverse threading macro? I guess it would be called <-, so that

(draw (<-
(rect 20 20)
(rotate (ramp twopi))
(translate x y)))

can be equivalent to

(translate x y
(rotate (ramp twopi)
(rect 20 20))))

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I really need to implement the clojure threading macros (-> / ->>) now...

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I have no idea why I didn't try this in over a year (!!!) of working on alv, but after playing with glisp (glisp.app, it's excellent! try it out!), I added some basic graphics to alv (wrapping love2d)... and it's great!

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Hey folks! Anyone want to hear what #AudioGames sound like? @PG13 are doing a stream of No Video Jam 2! Join in here:
And if you don't know what the No Video Jam 2 even is, you can read all about it here: itch.io/jam/no-video-jam-2

"free energy" 

How is it possible for something like this to be created, submitted to a conference, and presented there?

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"free energy" 

They conclude that their design improves on the original free energy generator design, while simultaneously debunking the concept, but without acknowledging that.

They also propose that fans are a great use of this technology!

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"free energy" 

The paper also says that the "Bedini simplified school girl (SSG) is the most basic rendition of a patented circuit developed by John Bedini and researched by Dr. Peter A. Lindemann, based on the technology of Nikola Tesla".

They never mention in the text that this is clearly not a working free energy generator, but they have this diagram in there that very clearly shows that it is not generating any energy:

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"free energy" 

Now what I find confusing is that here is a paper by three people (students?) in a "Centre for Electrical Power Engineering Studies", that has been published at the IEEE "Power Engineering and Optimization Conference", in which two different designs of "Bedini Free Energy Motors" are compared.

It says "This type of free energy generator can be one of an alternative way to replace the non-renewable energy sources that will run out in future."

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"free energy" 

so I found a "paper" while looking up "Bedini SSG Free Energy generators".

Basically an electrical energy source is used to spin some magnets, which induce current in some coils. This current is used to charge a battery. Obviously this is a terrible waste of energy, but apparently some people claim that the power consumption of the whole thing would be less than the power that goes into the battery.

I was about to add "sent from my Index" and hit "POST", but then something stopped working and the 2d cursor inside firefox wouldn't work properly anymore.

So no, you cannot do productive work inside VR as of right now if that was what you were getting at.

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