I think a first step would be to understand the project a bit more.
You can read about it in these two discussions:

...and ask @ColinTheMathmo for an account to join and get a feeling for it

Is anyone interested in doing some open-source design work for this graph-fedi-thing I'm working on?

Anything from color choices and themeing to thinking and experimenting with UX would be very much appreciated.

Current (static) demo is here: dag.s-ol.nu/

You can join the ongoing discussion here:

Code will probably be MIT licensed, DM or reply for access :)

It's not clearly defined at this point. I used DiscDAG with @ColinTheMathmo for brainstorming / design discussion and it worked really great.

The "all purpose alternative mastodon client" would be a nice side-effect, but I think the development effort to *really* make that work is immense. I also would like to put focus on thoughtful, slower media, not doomscrolling and notifications.

Something like that. It uses mastodon-compatible ActivityStreams data, but it also supports multiple parents for a post (which is totally fine for ActivityStreams/Pub at large, mastodon just doesn't support it).

It's a reimplementation of the platform (and copy of the data) from here: solipsys.co.uk/cgi-bin/DiscDAG

I'm trying to turn it into a distributed platform that interoperates with Mastodon et al, so you can view and comment on Mastodon threads and vice-versa.

Headers are collapsed if a note has only one parent, which is by the same user and posted at (almost) the same time.

Longer posts are automatically split on paragraphs, so this is a common occurence.

@aadil @parastat
noted, but I guess many devs like me don't know how to make icons

Ok, that's enough for today. Styling needs some work, obviously, but I'm pretty happy with how this is going so far :)

OSX dev help 

beware, there be dragons (codesigning, mark-of-the-web, ...)

The one thing I don't yet get is how/wether I can ask jsonld.js to dereference linked objects for me. I tried "@embed" and the frame operation, but couldn't get the user to be loaded in via "attributedTo" without this manual fetching:

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I gotta say JSON-LD is pretty neat. The documentation is also alright, although I wish there was some more accessible info on how to actually use a JSON-LD library (like jsonld.js) effectively.

Here's what the dataset looks like in JSON-LD btw (or I should say "can look like", it can take many shapes and is cleaned up by the "flatten" and "compact" operations)

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I don't really like the layout dagre (github.com/dagrejs/dagre) produces, but I'm not sure yet if I need to tweak some settings, go wild (viz-js.com/), or go deep (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Layered_)

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Here we go! This is rendering ActivityStreams JSON-LD data, should work essentially as-is with live data from Mastodon! User colors are hashed from usernames, but could be overwritten by fields per-user.

cc @ColinTheMathmo

git weirdness/annoyance 

`git remote prune` doesn't delete branches, it only deletes cached remote branch labels that the remote doesn't have anymore (like your old master branch).

If you work on a project with a bigger team you have to run it from time to time, because even if you take care to delete feature branches on the remote after a while your `git branch -a` fills up with old merged branches.

git weirdness/annoyance 

have you tried git prune? (or was it git remote prune?)

ah, I see now (using `curl -H 'Accept: application/ld+json' w3.org/ns/activitystreams`) that the activitystreams default context aliases @id and @type, presumable for convenience when using the actual JSON in e.g. JS code.

I found it quite relevant and useful :)

One thing I've been wondering about just now is why in some examples I see "id" and "type" fields prefixed with @ in JSON-LD, whereas others don't do this?

I've been thinking and discussing a lot about
@ColinTheMathmo's visual graph-based conversation platform again in the last days, on said platform: solipsys.co.uk/cgi-bin/DiscDAG (start scrolling, there's a huge diagram there).

It looks alienating, I know, but it's actually been a pretty convincing tool for discussion (despite the rough edges!).

I think it would be really nice to have an frontend mimicking this, hence my deep-dive in the last days

Henlo frens, please share your favorite guides / overviews over the fedi-protocols (ActivityPub, ActivityStream, RDF, OWL, ...?),.

I've been looking at SemApps (semapps.org/docs/guides/activi) and just chasing things down from there, but there is a lot that is still just unclear buzzwords for me. Thank you!

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