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The best part:

me: "its easier to learn an isomorphic layout"

them: "No it’s not. Only if you don’t know how to play the piano."

well yeah, if you already know how to play the piano then I guess doing that is easier?

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Wow, so apparently isomorphic keyboard layouts are somehow something that needs to be stopped because... I'm not sure why?

The only thing that seems very clear to this reddit commenter is that it is *very* important that everyone know how to deal with the peculiarities of a standard piano.

Just learned about KiCAD StepUp, which lets you sync board outline and component placement (incl. mounting holes etc.) between KiCAD and FreeCAD! This is amazing!

I've been using Fusion for this project, but this is actually a better workflow than fusion has to offer.

This is amazing, I know nothing about music and I am usually embarassed / disgusted by what happens when I touch a keyboard. This isomorphic layout feels like a superpower!

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Hey fedi, I need a new laptop.

I'm way lost with "current trends" etc., do you have recommendations or tips on what to look out for?

I need:
- decent 3d performance for CAD (but no gaming)
- min 1TB storage, either all SSD or two drives
- good Linux support
- US ANSI keyboard layout, but ships to europe
- budget ~$1500 or a bit lower

thank you!

petition to rename emojis:

smile → extremely_smiling_face
slightly_smiling_face → smile

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Interesting reaction to the web from this Iranian blogger that was released from prison after six years - comparing modern social media to television

Looks like I might be getting away with this after all! The problem is apparently not the timing, but rather the amount of RAM - my MCU only has 1k, and 44 LEDS * 4 bytes (RGBW) pushes it over the edge.

But each half only has 21/23 LEDs respectively, so I can half that. Testing with 23 LEDs "monolithically" works, so with some adjustments to the QMK lighting code this should work out :)

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Okay, one idea comes to mind:
for the Janko muiscal layout, every key is present twice. So I could cut the long chain in half and wire both pieces to the MCU so that they mirror each other. That way at least the Janko case works out fine :)

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this is pretty sucky because a lot of what I wanted to do hinges on per-key lighting, and like this i can't even set all leds to one color unless i specifically time it somehow in the firmware (before USB is up for example)...

It's not really a problem for the "vision" - I just have to use proper driver ICs and discrete LEDs there, but how can I bodge this together on this prototype? second MCU that does only this?

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Biiiig ooof today: I knew there was a limit to how many RGB(w) LEDs you can reasonably drive with a single microcontroller while doing other things, but it seems that the 21 I put on there are already too much and QMK crashes when I drive more than half 😐

I need to name this thing eventually, can someone relieve me of that perhaps? 😶

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Just one line, and one pixel's red channel died, but these colors 😍

I want to deal with not-super-technical people and want the low-friction of clicking a button, thinking about it for a second and entering your email, but without floating popups, tracking etc. I suspect that "If you're interested [[send me an email to ...]]" might already be to complicated for some.

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Anyone know an ethical alternative to things like google forms or newsletter companies that I can use to collect contact info of willing people in order to send them an announcement at a later day?

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