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the components and PCB of the macropad prototype are slowly making their way to my house... Soon we'll see if I got any better hot air soldering 0603 passives and 1515 LEDs ;)

Last time I did that, one and a half years ago, I managed to get two three out of four boards right, but there was a ton of little excess solder pearls on the boars. This time the layout is way more tight because it's designed for PNP, so I really need to watch that.

Extra points for the one I just found where 20s after the initial load where you can read everything it then adds the fold when you've already scrolled past it, so it just flashes to suggested articles and you have to scroll back up and find the button to get back to the story. Thanks JS!

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Gotta wonder what they were smoking when they came up with the "Read More" trend for news pages. What do you think, did your readers come for the content or nah?

Regarding Sub-X86_64 (

The first gotcha ("In x86 lots of unrelated bits get packed together, but at least related bits stay close together. In x86_64 we lose even that property") sounds like what I faced with Sub-V. I think the slicing solution that I did there should work:

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*Update on the Mu computer*

My little prototype is starting to look like a shell:

Promising in some ways, but I'm not sure how to support concurrency. Currently each operation completes before the next. I _could_ allow "pipe stages" to continue to share data after they drop file handles on the stack, but there are problems: how often we refresh, how we kill processes from past refreshes, how we visualize file handle contents.

(More details:

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I'll have you know it just took one hour to unfuck my system today!

...and i really need to make space for a bigger EFI partition somehow, I want to have the LTS and normal kernel installed side-by-side. Also so I can try out realtime sometime.

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ah, don't i love shredding my EFI partition first thing in the morning :)

just reworked the clock section and main power traces for the Nth time, but I'm happy that the USB D+/D- pair finally has lots of ground plane all around it on both layers! Pretty sure it doesn't matter one bit since this is all low speed stuff, but it feels nice to pay attention to this stuff :)

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kind of irritating to have this on my desk with no electronics or USB port... I really wanna plug it in now

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Which macropad would you rather have on your desk? (vote below)

Made another attempt at the PCB for the left hand of the keyboard, seems like we have a success! Let's hope it works as well as the other one does when I put it together on Monday ;)

I love the fablab.

Had this idea to turn a half-baked card game about brewing potions by stacking ingredient cards into a tabletop experience with nice tactile elements yesterday night at 21h and made a sketch. Next day by lunchtime I have this on my desk:

WHAT? This is stupid. Our eyes have a bug, and it's such a silly thing!

But we're stuck with it (until we're scientifically capable AND culturally ok with genetically engineering ourselves)

also when am I ever going to have the time to edit that... so many things to do, so little time

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