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The way this PCB turned out is just plain impressive to me.

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i've been working together with a friend and 3d artist ( for a little set of christmas-themed macropad renders, and I think he's been knocking it out of the park!


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good time as any to say it here: yes, I'm available for online private teaching sessions. I've given training on Ableton Live, Maxmsp, modular synthesis, electronic music and sound design. DM me for details :) (boost welcome :) )

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(the top chamfer on pic 2 didn't come out quite like it should've, this is what it should convey:)

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don't know if i noticed and told you before or not, but the view from the House of Stairs thumbnail is literally my recurring childhood dream, only that i would be looking up (basically the animation playing backwards)

drawing a lot of half-edge mesh graphs and these half-arrow shapes keep getting stuck in my head.

I imagine this shape has been used as a logo before? I wanted to see it rendered nicely so I wrote some Logo again... after 10+ years?

setwidth 5
right 30

repeat 3 [
forward 100
right 120
forward 20

left 90
forward 10
left 90
forward 20
right 180

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Working on my website/fs/CMS/SSG again, now moving the conversion "plugin" system to be part of the website content itself. It's a kind of self-hosting where I'm moving code from the traditional substrate (lua code as modules as files) into the new substrate itself (lua code as facets in fileders).

The benefit will be that soon I can separate the core from the content and plugins, so that I can put other content on it (like my fabacademy page) without any hacks.

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