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I guess it would be a kind of subgenre of alternate history

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Is "futuretroism" a thing?

Like the opposite of retrofuturism, viewing the present or past through the lens of a hypothetical future, with all the temporal misunderstandings/interpretations that entails

covid mask habits 

Has anyone else developed this weird compulsive yawning/jaw-stretching thing when wearing face masks?

I think it started with an FFP2 that would ride up my nose and that was a way to counteract it, but I catch myself randomly doing it all the time other masks now and it's really odd

hovering models spinning at one rotation per π seconds is the glitch shader of the 90s

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Started implementing the XR_MSFT_controller_model OpenXR extension in Monado, because I don't want to have to have a suite of controller models as part of a little VR experiment package.

Just spent an hour and a half with Vue.js, I do *not* understand why people like this one.

- Component based design? Sure.
- Scoped CSS? Cool.
- Declarative binding? hmm idk
- Magic update tracking via proxies? ufh, if you must
- Composition via mixins? oh no
- Yet another way to define data schemas? why??
- Components are like classes or Functions, but actually neither? dude
- Custom loop syntax? please stop

The weirdest thing about switching layout is that anything I do now feels like a silly exercise and I can't really get any work done, but also using the old keyboard feels like cheating and a wasted opportunity :D

Realized that I was never going to use all the symmetrically-redundant modifier keys on the layout anyway and that it's probably better to put each once and think harder about where it should go, so that's what I did.

Shift is now right thumb only for balance, CTRL and CTRL-SHIFT are right as well, and tab moved to the right so I can comfortably switch tabs. Also made sure there's comfortable chords for meta-num-X and meta-shift-num-X for workspace switching.

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just a reminder that we're offering these really nice, compact, robust, colorful, open hardware keyboards:

here's the first prototype plates, my first attempt at machining metal, and then the professionally manufactured result:

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Wow, I didn't expect this: after just two hours of slow practice I can actually type all letters again. All the symbols and muscle memory for code is going to take a little while though. I also have to find a different solution for workspace switching (pressing win + number is near impossible with the current layout)

This square key representation used above makes it a bit hard to see, but the main part of the layout is made up of staggered columns for touch typing. Except for thumbs, fingers only ever touch keys adjacent to their home key, and except for the index fingers, only inside the same column.

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