Music: Blue Lobelia
Jo and I wept while we listened to Rachel open the festival.

The World Navel Stage
Deadwood, rope, cob, 2019
w/ @anandra, Jo Smith
for White Rabbit

Met with CSA / MDA folks this morning and learned all about the CanadaArm3 and Lunar gateway mission. Pretty cool stuff and very good industrial design and modular engineering.

Kristian, Paloma, Helen, Raven, Cody drifted off to sleep in a blanket pile under the stars.


breathe slow
you are ok
this is the turning point
slow cloud burst of light
the apex of the sun
wherever it is you are right now
things are going to be fine
the gears of the world wind in unfathomable complexity
and isn't it wonderful that they wound up winding up you?

long time you didn't register it was there - buzzing inside down there tryna get up in the throat - now its grip grabbin every inch - like a harness tied round the chest - binding you to your worrywork - scatterthoughts ramblin all over - shaking down sharp things from ur skull

Toy, 2019
Part of the project

Released on the summer solstice June 21

Most of the programming/selector part of DJing for me is carefully listening to music and writing mini aural descriptions that will jog my memory and evoke the mood of the song. eg "ambient piano electrodrizzle with a shudder wumpus"

I tend to aim for tracks that are partly reflecting the setting and audience I'm playing for and partly trying to influence the space in particular direction and shares a thesis. Depending on the slot and other artists before and after, that balance changes.

Depending on how the mood was in the space, I put my tracks into a set of different bins.

"Greeble" was a burnt out hippy on its last legs kinda mood. "leftfield" was strange ambient and experimental sounds. "dirty hard techno", "jazzy jaunts" and "chill psy" were in there too. I had about 80 tracks in the bins to select from.

I marked about 5 tracks as must plays, including the climactic "Your Dreams" by Stimming and Lazarusman.

At last kollektiv I played a set at 4pm as the sun went down and this one was at 7am when the sun came back up. I wanted to share my reflection on cycles and of my own habits.

Blue grass is unusual for an electronic psychedelic festival but I knew I wanted to build the set around this track as bookends. I wanted something that spoke to the soul at the end of a long night after people were exhausted and partied to pieces and get them moving again but with renewed energy and positive outlook.

I've been reading and thinking about loops and the transitory processes that connect them lately. Partly to do with nature, partly to do with relationships, partly to do with habits.

Gillian Welch's 15 minute bluegrass dirge I Dream a Highway has been running through my mind ever since I first heard it. I was thinking of the song as a penance the writer pays by adding a verse each time they go back to the same lover, same issues.

"Saw a wheel within a wheel, heard a call within a call"

All roads returning
Kollektiv Gathering XIV, 2019
as the going price for gold

morning wiggly left field psy tech, jazzy, bluegrass (?)
Praises to @salamander

bring me your dreams so that I may make them kings and queens and presidents and, Musicians

Dear neighbors,

If you don't know it already, take a look at (and bookmark) :

It's full of treasures.

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