Looking at a 300 acre tract of land if anyone is interested in participating in a permaculture project in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

The Planet Repair Institute

A portland, OR project with focus on spacemaking, natural building, city based permaculture (cityrepair.org/) and much much more!

Opportunities for carbon dioxide removal and storage in building materials

Master's Thesis
Chris Magwood, 2019


See also Chris' books:

I found Chris to be extremely knowledgable about natural building materials and their benefits.

Thread on Natural Building, environmentally aware architecture resources:


"Preparing today’s architects, and those to follow them, to practise in the age of Climate Emergency"


For this mix I mapped a scatter plot with two axes: the first was ambient to wiggles. The second was mechanical-organic with jazzy sounds in the middle.
During the performance I started at the top, winding a path to the bottom, sometimes contrasting and other times harmonizing sounds.

mechanica organica
Future Forest, 2019
as the going price for gold


mechanical and organic textures with jazzy tangeants and moving from a whisper to a wiggle

I was lucky to have my friends doing a lovely rope bondage suspension act next to the stage while I played.

Over the last couple of weeks I've gotten a lot more hits on this set than I have in the last two years, which is weird.

It's still one of my favourite sets and it was my first time playing at a major festival.

ritual for lindenmayer
Future Forest, 2017
as the going price for gold

jazzy forest techno building to driving techno


📷 Jo Smith

Music: Blue Lobelia
Jo and I wept while we listened to Rachel open the festival.

The World Navel Stage
Deadwood, rope, cob, 2019
w/ @anandra, Jo Smith
for White Rabbit

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