Thinking about hosting a merveilles meetup, mid 2021 (COVID permitting). 1-2 weeks long

Maybe: Art residency and group art making. Cooking for each other. Eco technology discussions. Natural building projects. Musical performances.

Anyone interested?

I saw that most of the beech trees had a disease of some kind. It appears to be called Beech Bark Disease [1].

I've learned that some beech trees are resistant to the disease, and that by selectively cutting the beech that show the disease, I can improve outcomes for beech in the forest. The cut trees can be used for fuel, as beech is one of the best firewoods.


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Today, I'm organizing my thoughts around the forest that occupies 9 acres of the land. My visit to the site found mostly Maple, Birch, Ash, Beech and Spruce on a rocky soil with a not so thick understory.

I'm reading Jamie Simpson's book Restoring the Acadian Forest [1] and learned that this is typical of an older forest with medium-dry, fertile soil. When I walked the land, I saw what I found from this guide of forest sub-types was shining club moss.


As a land trust, the land will not be able to be used for speculation. The primary concern will be the support of those living on the land and stewardship. Purchase will be cheap and include a lease to own option. No rental agreements allowed; the homes must remain occupied and if left, the land trust will buy back at the purchase price plus inflation.

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The existing home will become a community hearth. Think a living room, kitchen, and showers / washrooms. Open 24/7 to folks visiting and living on the land.

Up to 5 other homes will be built on the property in accordance with a set of community values and site plan. The site will be home to a food forest and forest plan and include a studio set up for jewelry, wood working, ceramics & more.

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So, I'm down to the last few bits of closing on a homesteading property to be used for a community land trust.

11 acres, hardwood forest, on the lookoff, Nova Scotia. Looking over the Bay of Fundy.

It's not a done deal yet, but almost complete.

Does anyone have a summary of what happened to sunbeam city?

Last night, doing some GLSL experiements w/ KIFS and some post processing, and music from modular synths (Peaks(drums)/Braids/Clouds)

Looking at a 300 acre tract of land if anyone is interested in participating in a permaculture project in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

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