Does anyone have a summary of what happened to sunbeam city?

Last night, doing some GLSL experiements w/ KIFS and some post processing, and music from modular synths (Peaks(drums)/Braids/Clouds)

Looking at a 300 acre tract of land if anyone is interested in participating in a permaculture project in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

The Planet Repair Institute

A portland, OR project with focus on spacemaking, natural building, city based permaculture ( and much much more!

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Opportunities for carbon dioxide removal and storage in building materials

Master's Thesis
Chris Magwood, 2019

See also Chris' books:

I found Chris to be extremely knowledgable about natural building materials and their benefits.

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Thread on Natural Building, environmentally aware architecture resources:


"Preparing today’s architects, and those to follow them, to practise in the age of Climate Emergency"

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