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Hi! I'm a french music enthusiast, splitting days and nights between Sys/Net/Cloud/DevOps and electronic music production.

Dreaming of static noise glitching on dusty CRT screens in obscure warehouses, with heavy breakbeats.

If you're near Paris and you're into IDM, Chiptunes, Indus, Post Punk, Noise, Experimental, Jazz or Musique concrète, we may have already met!

I've been producing random stuff since 2010, but am trying to focus on Modular Synth and IDM right now.

Open-minded -T :)

I've just finished watching The Leftovers.

Also, I think I managed not to cry.

I want to build a small static front page to expose my (your?) Spotify playlists on a single page. The goal is to sort and enrich playlists with metadata like genre, main artists, mood, years...

It will be based on Hugo + zmb3/spotify go wrapper for Spotify API

Dunno shit about Go and current CSS/JS practices, but learning :D

I never know what setting is the best when extracting a master.
Should I do 48k / 24bit or 44.1k / 16bit?

Human-curated playlists are 100% the best way to discover and connect with good music.

After spending almost a month doing remote job I realize how game changing this is for stress and productivity. Now I've been back at the office for two days, happy to see my colleagues again, but the permanent context switch, noise, absence of music and of the grid subjects are killing me, haha

keep it simple, stupid
keep it simple, stupid
keep it simple, stupid
keep it simple, stupid
keep it simple, stupid
keep it simple, stupid
keep it simple, stupid
keep it simple, stupid

# 2. Increase my nothing time

I spend most of my time in front of the computer and often I am not using it in a very efficient manner, nor in a way I enjoy to be honest. A lot of time is spent mindlessly browsing the web. I am hoping to reduce this, and increase thoughtful media consumption. Play good games instead of mindlessly wander online. Watch a good movie instead of random youtube videos. Do the stuff I truly enjoy instead of allowing my brain to pick the low hanging fruit.

I need a mixer for my modular synth. I was planning to get a MackieProFX12v2 or MackieProFX16v2, just discovered the v3 exists with per slice compressors.

Can't find any decent review yet, has anyone tried it?

I'm so obsessed with tracking everything I listen to on LastFM that I never allow myself to listen to internet radios and it makes me sad.

Must find a scrobbler for icecast client/hls player.

Ok Merveilles, I have an idea, since I manage a webradio (, I'd like to make a show dedicated to Merveilles. Send me tracks you like in private message and I'll do a playlist that will be broadcasted !

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