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Hi! I'm a french music enthusiast, splitting days and nights between Sys/Net/Cloud/DevOps and electronic music production.

Dreaming of static noise glitching on dusty CRT screens in obscure warehouses, with heavy breakbeats.

If you're near Paris and you're into IDM, Chiptunes, Indus, Post Punk, Noise, Experimental, Jazz or Musique concrète, we may have already met!

I've been producing random stuff since 2010, but am trying to focus on Modular Synth and IDM right now.

Open-minded -T :)

Quarantine thoughts 

I don't even know how I came by this, but this is the most beautiful and well produced EP I've heard in a long time...

공중도둑 - 무너지기
Mid-Air Thief - Crumbling

Got only one track saved in a buffer, I've just discovered the rest of the EP today

Aaaannnd a last one, and I leave you alone: back to Industrial music

Wulfband - Revolter

OK, so 3 days ago I discovered Maman Küsters.

It's a duo coming from Brest, with Gaël Loison (Touellskouarn / Dale Cooper Quartet), Cyril Pansal. There's also a track with Julia Bondar (

"A bridge between DAF and Alain Bashung"

It's. So. Damn. Good.

Found one problem though:
I didn't manage to use optical interfaces in S/PDIF mode (you can configure this in the driver interface instead of ADAT mode).

Followed exactly the documentation, nothing is happening, it feels like it's not even using the right data link layer protocol...

I don't know how I can prove this, it would be so much easier if it was a simple network interface where I could drop a tcpdump.

I had to rewire my flat with coax instead of toslink. It works now, but I'm angery

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OK so this is day 3 using my new audio interface (Scarlett 18i20).

I've spent half of my life using an Edirol UA-101 (bought back in 2006). It still works and did a proper job, but I wanted DC-coupled outputs, or at least ADAT interfaces so I could use an ES-8 or something similar for my modular.

This is a shock: not a single xrun even with small buffer size on huge Ableton projects (wtf!!), good preamps, stable driver/routing configuration...

Why did I wait so long? This is game changing...

Can't stop listening to Tim Hecker and Mondkopf those days

Not totally realizing what I'm doing, but, this week:
- I made myself a 1'80m desk with a wood plank
- sold old hardware
- bought a 19" rack on wheels
- transformed an unused Ikea endtable into a modular synth stand with wheels
- bought a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

...which means:

So....... yeah, someone made a muscle to CV adapter *_*

But now I'm curious about any CV to muscle adapter :D

For obvious reasons, yesterday's productivity was gone, as we spent the entire afternoon uploading various Cartman and Kenny's noises on the website...

Yesterday we released Flux Æterna on France Musique, it's an interactive live stream where you can upload your own audio files. I think some of you may get interested by this :)

Sounds will get transformed by a Max/MSP patch made by Vincent-Raphaël Carinola, Hervé Desjardins and Frédéric Changenet. We produced a binaural HLS/icecast stream and a multichannel installation visible this weekend and the next at Présences festival.

Seems like my next geeky wave will be getting back to eurorack...
A friend is selling a Mutable Instruments µGrids and I realized there are still 8HP free in the case

So! How bad is your eu-west-3 production environment tonight folks?

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