wow i'm just hearing of toki pona, i really like the sitelen pona, how can you argue with :soweli:...

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@scout :soweli: looks really smol and cute, but idk what it means (i've made a start on learning about toki pona and getting my head around it, but i've got a long way to go yet)

@rozina it means an animal apparently! i was just looking through this site there is a different character for a "non-cute" animal so i guess :soweli: implies that the animal is cute?

@scout maybe. to me, :soweli: looks like a cat, and cats tend to be cute, so i guess :soweli: means cat in toki pona

@rozina @scout
@ice has an excellent reference at ! I knew that was soweli because I spent so much time playing with that guide 😊

@rozina @alderwick @scout Glad you like it :) I'm still in the process of updating it with the new words from the official dictionary though.

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