taking a break from my more ambitious project to port a puzzle game i made called cat cubes to uxngba! it doesn't look like much in a screenshot but the core gameplay is done, time to add menus and bonuses and such. i always get impatient at this stage and want to just call it finished...

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i resisted the temptation to use .Screen/auto so that it's compatible with uxngba, which means i can actually play it on my real gba (:
i might see about trying to add the auto byte to uxngba though as i think it would speed things up... and we'll see about music, maybe :kalama:

@scout ah yes, maybe @bd can give you a hand with the auto byte, the screen_talk(deo) code is basically the same as uxnemu

@neauoire @scout hi I just pushed an update to uxngba, can you tell me if the screen/auto is working properly? tested it with the latest version of noodle and seems to work but please let me know on your end ;)

@bd @neauoire wow, thanks a ton! works great and definitely a boost to performance on the GBA (:

@scout @neauoire glad to hear! Let me know if you encounter any issues

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