it's been too long, i need to get back into uxn! i'm tempted to start developing using a machine which has been set up to run uxn as its primary environment. i'm curious, does anyone else use this kind of setup, and if so with what base operating system? i could configure a linux to boot up to uxn's boot.rom in xorg, but it'd be even cooler to just use the framebuffer and get rid of x... i also think it would be cool to use my vita with a bluetooth keyboard, but the screen is a bit small...

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@scout you could use a small embedded platform like a pi pico and finish up the devices implementations. Uxn is self hosted, the launcher lets you jump roms and assemble tal files. You don't need much else than asma, launcher, a little emulator with a framebuffer and mouse/keyboard, and left :)

@neauoire @scout SDL2 supports the linux framebuffer directly (this is how Netsurf can run without X/Wayland) so you could do Tiny Core / Alpine / Void Linux for a small base, and run with SDL2's framebuffer backend. change your startup config to launch uxnemu straight into boot.rom instead of a getty on one of your TTYs and you would have boot-to-uxn

@neauoire @scout I'm about to leave for a weekend (further) off the grid down in Oregon camping and surfing but I think I'll be vaguely in civilization ish tonight to answer any more q's in this stuff. briefly a decade or so ago I did a month-long no-X experiment on an Arch Linux box, just tmux and framebuffer apps. learned a lot, it was a wild time.

@neauoire @scout but yes a Pi Pico or other embedded chip would have *way* lower power draw and maintenance overhead, so if you have the skillset to finish the devices on there, that'd be a cool way to go. in the event that Pi Picos are sold out everywhere, I have a spare one somewhere in one of these still-not-unpacked moving boxes I could donate ya assuming you're in the US scout

@neauoire @klardotsh thanks both of you! i don't have a pi pico but i do have an esp32 that might be a similar fit. the screen i have for it is even smaller than the vita's, but maybe i'll give it a shot and see what happens. also, i had read that SDL 2 didn't have framebuffer support, so it's good to know that it does!

@klardotsh @neauoire ah i see, that works too! i also have a pi zero w i could use for this, which i'm much more comfortable working with than a microprocessor... i'll give them both some consideration (:

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