impressed and inspired by this "Q-machine" today! extra-reduced instruction set computers are interesting to think about through a permacomputing lens.
"The Q-machine is equal in computing power to a universal Turing machine, and it is completely transparent. First and foremost, however, it is so simple that its workings could probably be understood by an average school-child after a few minutes' explanation."

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@scout that was the inspiration for Uxn :) Did you find it from the article on the permacomputing wiki?

@neauoire oh, that's awesome! i actually saw it referenced on the wikipedia page for "one-instruction set computer" and went to find it! it's much more understandable to me than subleq

@neauoire haha i haven't, this looks pretty wild! that's a lot of information being stored in one number

@scout It packs a punch for a OISC, it's too bad that the computing model maps so badly to silicone. Fractran is definitely my favourite OISC.

Prime encoding is a lot of fun on its own too!

@neauoire it's so clever! and these pages do a great job of breaking it down! also i'm a big fan of directed graphs it turns out, what a neat way to program

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