i've been looking at this feed more recently, which has been nice! i should post what i'm up to here too! i've given up on creating the ideal programming language for now, and instead have been working on a game boy version of cat cubes (with a new name and mascot character) in C. i'd like to release a demo of it soon! i'm not having luck uploading images right now, but i'll share some screenshots later, too.

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i've also been feeling more motivated to start actually maintaining a website that i can write longer form project update posts on. i'm thinking of presenting it as sort of a "studio" website right now, but i'm not sure how useful that sort of separation is if it's just me in it. it's hard for me to know how personal to be, both here and there. is "learning japanese" a "project" of mine? i think it'd be interesting for me to be able to talk about it in the same way as my projects, at least...

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