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hi! i'm sejo (pronounced in spanish), pronouns they/them, moving from @chirrolafupa :)

re-introducing myself:
* my routine consists in running, cooking and eating vegan food, teaching creative coding, and creating towards permacomputing & degrowth

* i enjoy low-level computing and computing done by hand or human bodies. compudanzas documents my explorations: gemini://

* i :tealheart: the community here in merveilles and the adjacent fedi

during online class earlier today i saw a black cat wanting to enter the transmission room. they looked young and possibly a little bit sick. they saw me and went away.

it seems highly unlikely that they would have arrived there, as there's a dog and another cat around.
nobody else was there or saw them then or afterwards.

now i'm doubting my perception and memory. (and i feel-think that's okay :)

"matter" saying to "matter" that "matter" is strange

in case you were wondering: it was a little bit more than one hour from turning on the stove to being able to open the cooker. probably it can go down to one hour or less.

all of this versus something like three hours of simmering in a conventional pot 😅

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pushed a significant update to tutorial day 6!

now the drawing of the background is discussed in a more straightforward way :)

the generalization of that subroutine is now in its own appendix:

thanks @neauoire for the tip!

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first time using a pressure cooker that was collecting dust in a corner - i didn't know they were so great!

*measuring now how much time it takes to cook some frijoles*

speaking of pong (?):

my proposal for POÑG, a large-scale digital videogame with logic provided by human operators manipulating electrical switches, was (again) not accepted for this art grant for "young creators" in mexico.
i guess they mean something else when having a category for "new technologies" 😅😂

i feel-think that if it wasn't for merveilles, i would have decided by now that i'm "out of my mind" for trying to bring that project (and adjacent ones) to life (?) :merveilles:

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at last: tutorial day 6, towards pong, is now online!

here we talk about how we can integrate everything that we have covered so far in order to create more complex subroutines and programs for the computer.

besides using previous strategies and snippets of code, we cover strategies for drawing and controlling multi-tile sprites, and for checking collisions.


following @neauoire's suggestion for the new day of the tutorial, here's a screenshot of a pong remake in progress.

up to this point, in this section we have covered in detail nested loops for drawing the background, and multi-tile sprite drawing for the paddles.

interactivity and collision detection and some text drawing and a start button will come next :D

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later today i'll get back to writing the tutorial!

the idea for this new section is to discuss some possible higher level routines related to graphics.

the suggestions i've received so far are:

* drawing multi-tile sprites
* check if a point is inside a rectangle (e.g. for mouse interactivity)
* check if two rectangles are intersecting (e.g. for collisions between sprites)

i wonder if anyone has other ideas that would like me to cover :)

drafting some ideas for the qiudanz technique [1], in order to apply to slomoco [2]

> qiudanz technique: computational transformation of movement sequences within a constrained movement vocabulary.


exciting, overwhelming, inspiring, mindblowing, emotive reading - i had no idea about the wolfram physics project!

thanks @xj9 for indirectly making me aware of it :)

my weekend went almost without computers.

practically the only "breaks" i took were to read posts from The Seneca Effect (thanks :merveilles: for the recommendation :)

send input files to infinite monkeys, and activate the infinite improbability drive (?)

submission info for the International Conference on Live Coding 2021 Valdivia, Chile is now online: <>

deadline changed to october 4th, 2021

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got a chance to run under the rain
but the rain didn't come

for a while (?) i wanted to also revisit C, and to build a simple turing machine simulator... today was the perfect day for it :)

so here it is, my turing machine simulator "in less than 100 lines of ANSI C" 😁

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revisiting the choreutics book in order to prototype a laban+turing machines mashup: non-verbal rituals to preserve the fundamentals of computing, as a post-collapse practice.

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