excited and grateful to be teaching an intro to workshop at babycastles academy! :babycastles:

sunday nov 21, 3pm utc-5!

@sejo Hey how long is the workshop lasting? From europe 3PM NY means 8PM, so if it last more than 4 hours it's gonna be hard to stay awake. :D

@thomasorus good question! it'll be no more than 2 hours! i hope that works for you :)

@sejo I think I could make it work. Gonna see if I can make some free time for it.

@thomasorus it'll be great to have you there!
(but please don't create nfts out of any of this 😆)

@sejo i'd really love to make it to this workshop, but i can't (i think it'd be around 7pm in uk time)

would there be a way that i can catch up on it?

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