had a lot of fun in the workshop!
thanks for joining and supporting! :tealheart:

oops, i tried to add the :babycastles: emoji and it got itself inside the url.
it should be:

@sejo it was excellent! I loved the whiteboard/post-it notes - it made the whole thing feel so approachable. Thank you. 🌿

@tickfoot aww thank you very much! glad you enjoyed it!

@sejo I'm glad to hear! I was hoping we'd be able to be back sooner, I would have loved to watch

@neauoire oww yes, we missed you! but the recording will be online soon! :)

@sejo it was wonderful! Mind if I follow you on here?

@sejo I'm looking forward to catching up on this.... next year! 😭

@sejo Amazing! Hopefully I get time to watch it when I get home tonight :)

@omni awesome! actually i'm in the process of mirroring it in a peertube instance in order to have an always-seeded torrent file for it :)

@sejo @exquisitecorp @alderwick just watched the workshop, it was excellent! The perfect companion to the tutorial series :) I will add it to the list of awesome-uxn things!

@neauoire :) thank you! :tealheart:
i didn't have time to show and use your logic.tal program, as i was going to use it for the flags section! but it's a great resource and i hope i can use it for a next one 😁

@sejo that's alright :) You covered A LOT. You've used Left exactly like that Acme video :glenda:

@neauoire ooh i still have to watch it! but yeah, i loved that possibility, and also having boot.rom there to switch between programs within the same window i was capturing :)

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