how are people naturally good at networking and doing salesy stuff because i for the life literally cannot do that at all

@rozina it's something I've struggled with my whole life, especially selling what I do—how do I explain what this is *and* make it sound like it's not pointless...

@flame @rozina I would argue most people go about their life doing pointless stuff day in day out without even questioning it. Having the need to reason about it feels like a blessing as much as it is a burden

@leofltt @flame @rozina completely agree with this.
lately in many occasions i've been realizing: why am it so self-conscious and doubtful about doing what i love in my own terms, when these other people have no problem (and are proud?) in being an insignificant part of a company that doesn't really care for them (or the world, for that matter)?

@sejo as someone who's currently both doing what i love in my own terms as well as being an insignificant cog in a machine for a company that neither cares about me nor the planet (despite all their greenwashing), i feel this, but at the same time, i'm not proud in being an insignificant cog in the machine (whereas others don't even question it/are proud of it), so ideally i want out of the (quite literal) rat race as soon as it's realistically possible

@rozina i hear you!
coming back to your original point, something that has helped me (not that i'm any good at it, yet) is sharing what i do and finding a community of people (like merveilles!) who help me with their feedback, support and validation.
now i know for sure that there's a niche of people interested in what, from mainstream perspectives, would seem as completely pointless


@rozina and being here has materially helped... this year, not only i got a domain for my website and so on, but also some people have started to support compudanzas in patreon and ko-fi.
i know i like what i do and my interests, but having other people validating them has been a relief (and a source of joy :)
i feel i can now speak more confidently about my project

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