finished revising the seven days of the tutorial :tealheart:
next step: converting it into a gempub/epub publication!

finally giving myself some time to make these small illustrations for each of the sections of the tutorial :)


the 'introduction to programming' ebook is now published! you can get it in , and formats! :tealheart:

by buying the book, you help to support @compudanzas and our projects!

thank you @neauoire @alderwick @exquisitecorp, merveilles and the community, for your support, encouragement and inspiration for this project! :merveilles:

@protodrew :moar: that sounds great! i'd love to see what you create with it! :)

Great, a new book I can read in the evening. Is there a place where I can find software, other people have written for uxn?

@gino that's great! you can find more software and projects from different people in and also in the examples directory of the uxn repo; some of them have been contributed by others:

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