beans in progress 🌱 

sprouted and planted these beans some weeks ago.
yesterday they received a very nice rain :)

this bean plant launched their "probe" and it's about to reach one of the branches i set up for them 🌱 :tealheart:

it's moving very fast! this new photo is from right now, a little bit more than two hours after the previous one :tealheart:

beans in progress update! 🌱
the bigger plant has climbed a lot already, and the second one is starting to catch up.

i have observed that apparently they climb some centimeters, they stop and grow the closest leaves, and then they climb again.
makes sense to me, and it amazes me a lot when i think about photosynthesis and all the cellular biology going on there :tealheart:

in case you were curious about the beans... they became a nice banquet for snails! 🌱 🐌 😁


i'm not currently looking for advice in how to avoid that πŸ˜…
we are going to move in a few weeks so i enjoyed being able to inadvertently feed these little beings!

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