following the hype (?) i started using as an ergonomic interface to my recent and "manual" zettelkasten.

i find it very comfy and also inspiring for what i'd like to eventually program by myself.

i hadn't really internalized that it's all based in a directory of markdown files (what i had and was using already) - i wouldn't be using it otherwise.

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now i need to step up my pomodoro timer game*: i'm getting too sucked in reading references and adding/connecting new notes 😁

*actually just turn it on

@sejo lolWAT? I just recently(last 3days?) started using pomodoro again, after failing so many times in the past, there must be a trend here :cooldog:

I'm liking it atm, using it to plan my days in a more modular and uncluttered way.

How's it working for you?

@nff @sejo i use it, then fall off again, then use it again, then fall off :) (I've also coded my own CLI pomodoro timer a few times.) When I stick with it, it's really good. But I also don't mind when I throw away my tools or expectations or pressure. I feel like that's pretty important to just play/create/code without any structure or expectations as well.

@exquisitecorp @nff in my case, i mostly like using it so that i get reminded to stand up, move, take a break.

normally i'm either hyperfocused or hyperdistracted πŸ˜† so it helps me to have this external signal.

right now i'm getting used to turn on the timer even when i don't initially think i'll be spending a lot of time in front of the screen - that's when i tend to get lost either way!

maybe having the timer in the computer, automatically on, would be preferrable

@sejo @exquisitecorp ha! it makes sense!
I'm currently only using it when I work, cuz you know... I kinda enjoy hyperfocusing on non-work stuff LoL.

but that's probably better for the mind to take small breaks from that too, might try that :))

@exquisitecorp @sejo yeah absolutely! pomodoro's not good for everything ://

d'ye feel like sharing your CLI timer? I'm making my own as well, but it's still buggy lol yesterday it started doing nonsense after the 8th pomodoro

@sejo ha! funny, I also started using it recently!

Was getting a bit overwhelmed with programming my own zettelkasten software , frequently getting caught in changing it and not ever focusing on my notes LOL, plus obviously getting crashes and the danger of losing/corrupting notes.

obsidian feels good, the fact that it does just use my .md files + a config file is super relaxing

@nff awesome!

yes, i see it as a way of "getting notes done" while, in parallel, developing my own software / workflow

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