after some days of reflection and organizing, i started biosejo: a weblog/gemlog to share about my life and research.


new post on biosejo: Updates regarding systems I'm using, dreams that are coming back, and insights on daily practice.


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for the next updates i might leave the atom feed and a link to biosejo in my bio (!) do the work? we'll see

new post: Packing and unpacking - biosejo 120220519

Moving things around and deciding what to keep and what to leave behind, internally and externally. :jarotsim:

@sejo dug this one!
will check out!
and interested to hear more about your intentional practice and phd as they evolve over time

i also dug the thoughts on nintendo and watched a great talk with Keita Takahashi a few years ago

@exquisitecorp thank you! your blog is super inspiring to me and it's one of the main reasons i stared this one 😁

do you happen to have the link to the talk? or at least what was it about? i didn't know about this person, but i'm realizing i knew about the katamari games already

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