yesterday we dusted off and played mario kart ds!

i didn't remember that 1) it had a built-in pixel editor to create your emblem, 2) i had made myself this emblem of a tree.

thinking that this is from ~16 years ago, to me it sheds a new light on my use of "plant-based" profile pictures 🌳

just learned about Durrell Bishop's Marble Answering Machine (1992), a creative tangible device to visualize and interact with voice messages represented as marbles 🀩

in case you were curious about the beans... they became a nice banquet for snails! 🌱 🐌 😁

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started reading Where the Action Is: The Foundations of Embodied Interaction (2004) and this excerpt, especially the second paragraph, shocked me.

i hadn't really considered this counterpart to the beauty of low-level programming 😁

jarotsim is basically ready as a turing machine playground! :jarotsim:

in edit mode you can change the current pose of the bird, the symbols in the tape, and the table of rules to follow: given a pose and a symbol, what should be the next pose and symbol, and where should the bird move to.

in tape mode you can see several rows of the process.

in both modes you can step manually or let it play automatically, with three different speed levels.

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almost done with the edit mode! :jarotsim:

you can setup the initial state, tape, and initial position of the bird on the tape.

you can modify the table of rules of the machine: given a current state and symbol, what are the new symbol and state, and where should the bird move to.

the table also highlights the rule that applies in that moment.

still missing the UI logic to change between pages of rules for small screens like mine :)

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decided to try my hand at some pixel art for jarotsim, the turing machine explorer that i'm developing πŸ˜€

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beans in progress update! 🌱
the bigger plant has climbed a lot already, and the second one is starting to catch up.

i have observed that apparently they climb some centimeters, they stop and grow the closest leaves, and then they climb again.
makes sense to me, and it amazes me a lot when i think about photosynthesis and all the cellular biology going on there :tealheart:

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woke up wanting to sketch an alternate representation 😁

still missing different poses for the different states, but i'm liking it so far

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started prototyping a turing machine simulator and visualizer 😁

i want to implement an interface to live edit (live code?) the rules of the machine as a way to explore their implications while also generating some visuals.

in today's Β«creative coding in 3DΒ» class we saw how to export a parametric model from Processing to Blender and other tools.

students didn't seem very impressed, but i liked the rendered results, so here they are 😁 ✨

it's moving very fast! this new photo is from right now, a little bit more than two hours after the previous one :tealheart:

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