i'm ending this month very satisfied and grateful with what has happened with @compudanzas: we advanced, playtested and documented the technique; we taught the online workshop; we got to help in the Mu tutorial; and we got new supporters via patreon and ko-fi! :tealheart: :merveilles:

i invite you to join in supporting so that we can continue with online workshops and start translating our materials! it would help us a lot :)

feeling very happy about the development process :)

a nice and fun combination of activities that bring me joy, and not taking myself very seriously.

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come to play and dance with @compudanzas!

you can register to our upcoming miniworkshops in the following link: framaforms.org/qiudanz-mini-wo (they'll be held via jitsi meet!)

i'd love to see some of you over there :tealheart:

joy in computational movement!

experimenting with some images for the activities with @compudanzas

outlining a first workshop to learn and practice mode 1 of the @compudanzas technique! playing with movement sequences, and computationally transforming them.

i wonder if some people here would like to join us and test it :)



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