after some days of reflection and organizing, i started biosejo: a weblog/gemlog to share about my life and research.

jarotsim is basically ready as a turing machine playground! :jarotsim:

in edit mode you can change the current pose of the bird, the symbols in the tape, and the table of rules to follow: given a pose and a symbol, what should be the next pose and symbol, and where should the bird move to.

in tape mode you can see several rows of the process.

in both modes you can step manually or let it play automatically, with three different speed levels.

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almost done with the edit mode! :jarotsim:

you can setup the initial state, tape, and initial position of the bird on the tape.

you can modify the table of rules of the machine: given a current state and symbol, what are the new symbol and state, and where should the bird move to.

the table also highlights the rule that applies in that moment.

still missing the UI logic to change between pages of rules for small screens like mine :)

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decided to try my hand at some pixel art for jarotsim, the turing machine explorer that i'm developing πŸ˜€

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woke up wanting to sketch an alternate representation 😁

still missing different poses for the different states, but i'm liking it so far

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started prototyping a turing machine simulator and visualizer 😁

i want to implement an interface to live edit (live code?) the rules of the machine as a way to explore their implications while also generating some visuals.

submitted my entry for the virtual pet jam! i still want to make a video and timelapse about it, but it will have to wait a little bit :)

> norpet is a digital pet with hand-powered logic.
> its board (or non-electronic digital screen) consists in a grid of logical operations, one per cell, that you have to follow to bring your pet across its different states of life.

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experimenting with semiautomatic (?) svg generation for the board of my virtual (?) pet for the jam

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coming up with some kind of human-and-machine-readable notation to express logical relationships between squares in a (chess)board :)

i'm showing here the digital "circuit" for my virtual pet for the jam!

on this year i plan to continue exploring this kind of logical nets on 8x8 boards to be solved/performed by hand :tealheart:

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managed to solve it in some way! at some point i thought this was going to be impossible.

the pixels that change in the creature correspond to the internal state of a 3-bit counter built with NOT and OR logic gates.

the idea being that one will be able to solve the counter by hand and simultaneously make their "pet" advance in time.

this was a nice collaboration between nasu and a small program i made to keep track of the pixels and their states.

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almost done, i think! i still see the moving "pair of eyes" that were the first thing i put there, but i don't know if you see them and/or if the states make some kind of sense...

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trying an alternative visualization of the changing bits of the "pet".

each column would correspond to the state of one or more pixels in the final drawing/screen.

i'm finding it tricky to use them all... i might reserve some section of the 'screen' for "noise" (like the ground?) so that i can use less changing bits for the drawing.

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for the virtual pet jam, i'm starting to visualize the state of 16 NOR gates (with 1 or 2 inputs) + 3 inputs + a constant that make up a 3-bit counter*

my hypothesis is that i can find a way to spatially arrange these bits such that a somewhat meaningful image of a "pet" arises in each one of the 8 states.

the idea being that you could compute the gates by hand on a board, and then obtain a visual of the new state of this "virtual" being.

the 'introduction to programming' ebook is now published! you can get it in , and formats! :tealheart:

by buying the book, you help to support @compudanzas and our projects!

thank you @neauoire @alderwick @exquisitecorp, merveilles and the community, for your support, encouragement and inspiration for this project! :merveilles:

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