the 'introduction to programming' ebook is now published! you can get it in , and formats! :tealheart:

by buying the book, you help to support @compudanzas and our projects!

thank you @neauoire @alderwick @exquisitecorp, merveilles and the community, for your support, encouragement and inspiration for this project! :merveilles:

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finally giving myself some time to make these small illustrations for each of the sections of the tutorial :)

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finished revising the seven days of the tutorial :tealheart:
next step: converting it into a gempub/epub publication!

i included image support, so this is basically ready for my use case: a gempub/epub version of the tutorial :cooldog:

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having some fun learning about syntax highlighting in nano, while creating this highlighter for uxntal:

had a lot of fun in the workshop!
thanks for joining and supporting! :tealheart:

suddenly, the intro to programming online workshop is around the corner! :babycastles:

Babycastles Academy: Intro to Uxn Programming :tealheart:
Next Sunday, November 21, 12021, at 3pm UTC-5 (EST)

i wonder who has registered already :)

excited and grateful to be teaching an intro to workshop at babycastles academy! :babycastles:

sunday nov 21, 3pm utc-5!

tutorial day 7,more devices (and the last day) is now online in the @compudanzas site!

this should be a light and calm end of our journey, as it has to do less with programming logic and more with the input and output conventions in the devices we hadn't covered already :tealheart:


pushed a significant update to tutorial day 6!

now the drawing of the background is discussed in a more straightforward way :)

the generalization of that subroutine is now in its own appendix:

thanks @neauoire for the tip!

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at last: tutorial day 6, towards pong, is now online!

here we talk about how we can integrate everything that we have covered so far in order to create more complex subroutines and programs for the computer.

besides using previous strategies and snippets of code, we cover strategies for drawing and controlling multi-tile sprites, and for checking collisions.


following @neauoire's suggestion for the new day of the tutorial, here's a screenshot of a pong remake in progress.

up to this point, in this section we have covered in detail nested loops for drawing the background, and multi-tile sprite drawing for the paddles.

interactivity and collision detection and some text drawing and a start button will come next :D

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later today i'll get back to writing the tutorial!

the idea for this new section is to discuss some possible higher level routines related to graphics.

the suggestions i've received so far are:

* drawing multi-tile sprites
* check if a point is inside a rectangle (e.g. for mouse interactivity)
* check if two rectangles are intersecting (e.g. for collisions between sprites)

i wonder if anyone has other ideas that would like me to cover :)

tutorial day 5, the mouse and uxntal goodies, is now online!

here we introduce the mouse device to explore more possible interactions, and we cover the remaining elements of uxntal and uxn: the return stack, the return mode and the keep mode.

we also discuss structures to create loops and more complex programs using these resources!

as always, don't hesitate to share what you build using this! :tealheart:



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