@brendan not really, it's just that it's the one that mayfirst.coop uses, and one of the admins there told me it was simple to manage.

additionally, from my experience there i knew that it was compatible with "modern" extensions like the ones that Conversations uses for some stuff

@brendan i have used prosody to host an xmpp server without a lot of trouble and using very few resources.

i'd be happy to share my config or answer questions you might have :)

new post: Packing and unpacking - biosejo 120220519

Moving things around and deciding what to keep and what to leave behind, internally and externally. :jarotsim:


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@ARCONITE oh no, it doesn't even work in the url bar :sadlinux: it searches for it instead πŸ€”

@ARCONITE btw, what's the non-punycode (?) version of the subdomain?
i thought firefox was going to auto-convert it

> instead, i'm thinking about publishing.

i've been thinking a lot about this! to keep this account as my "social" alt, but to use others to publish and with less interaction in mind/practice

@brubsby some days ago @pixouls shared this cute yoga library that he found and that could help you!

@inscript oh, so with highlight export you mean you can save the highlighting *in* the PDF so that it displays in other readers?
i wonder if that works bidirectionally, highlighting elsewhere and then displaying in zotero
will check that out, thanks!

@inscript interesting! i think i first heard it in spanish during undergrad, and i think i internalized it as the "objective" "current state" because of the way the profs were using it.

but now i see what you mean regarding other common uses of the expression!

@makeworld interesting! it seems alright over here πŸ€”

i'm curious if this will be another rabbit hole for you to explore!

@inscript speaking of zotero and highlight export: do you use it in "desktop" computers only?

i was wishing i could read and highlight the papers either in my laptop or in my android tablet, but for the latter i'm using the "raw" PDF files only as i couldn't find a streamlined way to sync

@inscript i think it's still too soon to know!

however, for better or for worse it's making me more deliberate.

it's better because i'm not jumping around reading whatever i can find, instead i choose "wisely". it's "worse" because some times when i'm with a lower energy, taking notes feels like a hindrance and i end up not reading even a little bit.

@inscript hehe now i'm curious, what do you think are those implied meanings?

@neauoire yeah, i just found it around and i thought it deserved a picture!

i'm thinking that whenever people in a group reunion take out their mobile phones, i could take this out from my pocket and get entranced as well

(i might need to learn to use it meaningfully first, though)

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