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25 abril 2022 - Se cambia la introducción en la bienvenida. Se añade "interculturalismo" y "Hazlo tu misme" en los temas de interés. Se revisa/redacta el parrafo sobre lo que nos interesa hacer e incorporar en la comunidad. También se especifican los servicios que tenemos disponibles.


25 April 2022 - The introduction has been changed. Added "interculturalism" and "Do-it-yourself" in the topics of interest. Revised/rewrote the paragraph about what we are interested in doing and who to incorporate in the community. Also specified the services we have available.

@praxeology i hadn't looked at your personal website, i just did and i love it! :tealheart:

Every day should be a day when I get to smell of soil and sweat.

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equipping individuals with the knowledge to build for themselves from fundamentals

this is my pursuit

the closest i can get to the pomodoro technique is listening to vinyl records while working

we just released version 1.0.3 of our introduction to #uxn programming book!

in this update we finally included a description and examples of the screen auto byte: an advanced feature of the screen device that makes it easier to draw multiple sprites with fewer instructions. we use it for the pong example on day 6!

we also updated the description of the file devices, and implemented some minor corrections.

hope you enjoy it!

@aparrish i loved the talk and the project! looking forward to the next steps!

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@aparrish is speaking about a small solar-powered poetry generator 🌻

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started reading Where the Action Is: The Foundations of Embodied Interaction (2004) and this excerpt, especially the second paragraph, shocked me.

i hadn't really considered this counterpart to the beauty of low-level programming 😁

i'm enjoying using mpv + yt-dlp to listen to the music shared in via yt, bandcamp or soundcloud:

yt-dlp -o - $url | mpv -

(i read that mpv can be configured to use yt-dlp, but not on the version i have)

What are your favorite summer crop varieties? Let's make a fedi faves list. ✨ 🍅 🥕 🌱


¡hola! decidí reincorporarme al fediverso hispanoparlante con mi alias habitual 😁

soy sejo, persona investigadora de movimiento y computación encontrando enfoques divertidos, benignos y empoderadores bajo influencia de las ideas del permacómputo.

soy quien instiga compudanzas, donde exploramos computación alegre y a escala humana.

además, cocino y como comida vegana, y disfruto moverme en el exterior ya sea corriendo, caminando, en bici o patineta (esto último apenas lo estoy aprendiendo).

me motiva mucho compartir en mi lengua natal y formar parte del @archipielago!

Just found this in my folder. You're on Mastodon. You know what I mean.

re: Job Search 

For perspective: 5 dollars/euros is enough for me to do a weekly grocery shopping with the bare minimum. 20 helps me cover some services I need to pay for, including internet. 50 helps me cover both. 165 a month is a "normal" salary here.

If you have the possibility to contribute monetarily to people outside of territories where the currency is the dollar or euro, seriously consider it. It is a huge help.

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Job Search 

To whom it may concern:

I've been out of formal work for months and am really in need of monetary income. I would settle for a one-time or temporary thing.

Do you need to do something tedious and extensive? Maybe some Spanish-English or English-Spanish translation? A text review, or maybe html/css code review? Some simple CMS work? Entering data into a database? Doing an analysis on a community, or a second opinion on how to run a community event?

I'm willing to do any of those and some other related things. Write me a DM and we'll talk about it calmly. :blobcat_ow:

OK to boost.

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Quisiera aprovechar la presencia de personas nuevas al Fediverso para mencionar Archipiélago I.

Es una comunidad digital principalmente para personas y grupos de América Media. Se influye grandemente por los principios del tildeverso, el permacómputo y la baja tecnología. También por el feminismo interseccional, la libre determinación, el medioactivismo y el ciberactivismo.

Si estas buscando una instancia y te identificas con esto me puedes escribir en privado por acá. También puedes escribir por correo-e o por XMPP para solicitar unirte a:

Usamos Pleroma en vez de Mastodon pero la comunicación no se limita porque ambas plataformas usan el protocolo Activity Pub, al igual que varias otras. Acá les comparto una infografía que ayuda a entender cómo el Fediverso se entrelaza.


At Alphanumeric Translations we enjoy working on content about self-hosting, free open source, intersectional feminism, autonomy, cyberactivism, mediactivism, community, permacomputing, low-tech, copy-left, anti-capitalism and self-determination.

We have translated (to Spanish):

introduction to uxn programming (2022), by compudanzas

Permacomputing Update 2021, by Viznut

Maximalism and Virtualism, by Viznut

Branch Magazine: Issue #1 - Fall 2020

Board Game: The Transition Year

If you are interested in working on a project please feel free to contact us by direct message, e-mail [ ] or XMPP [ ].

You can read more information on our website as well as on Gemini.

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Revel in the marvels of the universe. We are a collective of forward-thinking individuals who strive to better ourselves and our surroundings through constant creation. We express ourselves through music, art, games, and writing. We also put great value in play. A warm welcome to any like-minded people who feel these ideals resonate with them.