Looks like a handy set of links for environmental things.

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"The world is simultaneously underwater and on fire, and people want to know what they can do about it. Let's share resources, services, products and ideas you can use to stop kicking the planet in the face."


Sliders set the note for that step, with a mute button that half works at the bottom

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@nkint I mostly just use the web client, though sometimes use fedilab on android

@nkint If you are using the web client there is a tab at the side for local which should only be things from this instance: merveilles.town/web/timelines/

Both use a minimal renderer I wrote in rust using its super good web assembly support: github.com/shockham/infuse

@s_ol Thanks! I really like to add noise to everything so it doesn't seem too flat. All the code is here if you are interested: github.com/shockham/efferve


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