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Hi! I'm Sigrid, long-time software engineer with passion for low level programming, vegan cooking/baking, analog photography, music, and a bit of electronics.

Most of my development happens on (and for) 9front in C.

Most recently I decided to spend more time on combining two of my long-time hobbies, programming and music, and take it a bit further than just "forever WIP" ( and


Стыдно должно быть в 2020-ом именовать свои группы, альбомы и песни по-русски, не удосужившись проверить правильность написания. Получается как в американских фильмах с "какие ваши доказательства".

#OpenBSD's clock_gettime(2) and gettimeofday(2) now go much faster** :flan_racer:

** on some machines.

Thanks to the patient work of Paul Irofti and many long discussions, both in public and private! :flan_hacker:

"This permits a much more responsive environment, quite visible in browsers, office programs and gaming (apparently one is are able to fly in Minecraft now (#PlayonBSD :flan_thumbs:​))."

I never really used it but the Google+ 'circles' to which to share something to was pretty cool. ie public/friends/specific groups

mastodon should have that tbh, just locked account + followers-only as an all-or-nothing sucks

"If everyone had adequate life support. If the work of human civilization was devoted to biosphere rectification. If their systems of exchange promoted these projects."

- AI in Red Moon by Kim Stanley Robinson.

why does everyone come up with their own crappy IPC and extension mechanisms....
just use 9P or something.

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Protip: name your software projects after historically significant things, that way other people have already made your merch for you!

Chairman Mao was evil. Demonic. Mao was a tinhorn Stalin wannabe who gleefully revelled in fomenting mass insanity and the death of millions. He was the very devil and all his works are poison fruit. His stupid venality left an entire civilization broken hearted in cynical shambles. Think about that before quoting his masturbatory gnomic sayings like he was a prophet. Mao Zedong was “a cop”.

Solutions to existing software problems cause more layers of solutions to the problems of the former solutions. It only gets worse.

A new term for your vocabulary

Zuccware (noun, countable)

1. A #software designed by a company owned - directly or not - by Mark Zuckerberg (founder of #Facebook).

2. (fig.) Any non- #opensource software which monetizes users' private information or is used to harvest data for control purposes.

uspol +, polyamory 

The city council of Somerville, MA just voted unanimously to remove the limit of two people in a domestic partnership, effectively providing legal recognition to polyamorous relationships.

via @Stronae

Idea for an Internet Protocol 

Basically, conventions in books have existed for centuries. Let's just take that and expand very moderately upon it digitally, with a two-page based (orthodox) browser and physically-based measurements. There is already so much expertise in printing industry and relying on that could prevent reinventions. And we also have TeX.

A website could easily be called a book, a journal, a diary, a brochure etc depending on the context.

It is a far cry from what gopher resurgence and gemini hope to achieve, in the sense that it is in no way minimalistic. But maybe it is a good alternative to Web 1.9?

First glaring problem that you might have noticed lies in the phrase "very moderately".

Did you ever want to sync your files between a laptop and a fileserver? Replica(1) is there for you, but it's hard to use. I made some guided wizard: #9front #plan9

web accessibility experts, and people who use screen readers:

what's the right way to join a footnote to the sigil in the text body? plain html, no javascript -- what works best?

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