Lots of ongoing work porting orca-c to 9front in the past few days. Getting closer and closer to being just as usable as on Linux. Selection, copy/cut/paste through snarf buffer, proper stable timing, graphics running on a separate proc, loading/saving, lots of new keys supported now.
Yesterday it also played on my physical usb midi keyboard with no problems.
The fork is currently at

@sigrid could you rename the repo to orca9? I will add a link to the repo from the Orca Readme.

@sigrid @neauoire is it necessary? we were planning to merge it to orca-c once it's ready

@cancel @neauoire whatever everyone thinks is the best approach for now, until it's ready. I want to merge it in the end though.

@cancel @sigrid Oh! I didn't think it could be compatible with both!? That's amazing, yeh, okay, disregard :)

@neauoire @sigrid yeah, the C99 core VM code needs just a few alterations so it can be used for the plan9 frontend. just a few lines need changing, and it doesn't affect the operation of the C99 POSIX version.

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